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B 37-533 U-58
United states. Comptroller general.
Accounting. Principles and stan dards for federal agencies. Wash., GP0,1968.
r 914
A-238 Administration of repair contracts needs improvement. Wash., Comptroller General of the U.S.,1976.
4, 24 p. (Report to the Congress by The Comptroller General of the U.S.).
r~e' h”, i
TT-Ç8 United States.The Comptroller General.
Advertising for military recruiting: how effective is it? Wash.»Comptroller General of the U.S.,1976«
iii,65 p. (Report to the Congress)
U-58 United States.The Comptroller General. Agriculture’s implementation of GAO's wheat export subsidy recommendations and related matters. Wash., Comptroller General of the United States,1976.
v, 54 p.(Report to the Congress)
U-58 US.Comptroller General.
Alleviating agricultural producers’ crop losses: What should the federal role be? : Rep.to the Congress. - Wash.: GPO,1976. - IV,54 p.
US.Comptroller General.
Are OPEC financial holdings a danger to US banks or the economy : Rep. to the Congress / by the Comptroller General. -Wash.,1979. - VI,51 p.
U-5S United States. The Comptroller General.
Assessment of overseas advisory efforts of the U.S. Security Assistance Program. Wash.,General Accounting Office, 1975.
ii,49 p. (Report to the Congress).
United States. The Comptroller General.
Causes of excessive profits on defense and space contracts. The renegotia tion board. Wash.»General Accounting Office, 1975.
ii, 40 p. (Report to the Congress).
U-58 United States.The Comptroller General
Challenge of world population explosion: to slow growth rates while improving quality of life. Wash.»Comptroller General of the U.S.,1976.
iv, 74 p. (Report to the Congress
&O',	»^-6/3
U-58 United. States,The Comptroller General.
Channelling foreign aid. through private and. voluntary organizations. Wash., Comptroller General of the United. States,1976.
iv,38 p.
^37-66, <32/ ,
r90-71 U-58
U.S.Comptroller General.
Cleaning up the remains of nuclear facilities - a multibillion dollar problem.Energy Research and Development Administration nuclear regulatory commission. Wash.»General Accounting Office,1977.
r QC-J/- r90 -69, S3?-S33>
U 31
U.S.Comptroller general.Dep. of defense.
Comparison of military research and development expenditures of the United States and the Soviet Union. Wash.,GPO 1972.
2? p.
ri 5Ü
D-569 I Difficulties in selected army reserves recruiting under the all-volunteer force.	Wash.,Comptroller
General of the U.S.,1979.
V,26 p. (By The Comptroller Général Report to the Congress of the U.S.).
U-58 United States. The Comptroller General.
The economic and environmental impact of natural gas curtailments during the winter of 1975-76» Wash.»General Accounting Office, 1975»
ii, 40 p. (Report to the House Committee on government operations).
A rSP;	r92>2.7'f
P932.4 U-58
United States.The Comptroller General. Energy; issues facing the 95th Congress.	Wash.»Comptroller General
of the U.S.,1977.
88 p.	(Report to the Congress).