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U 58	- - - United States Relations with Europ
in the Decade of the 1970*s.Hearings... Subconan. on Europe of the Com. on foreign Affairs <House1 of Representative©. 91st eongrM2d sess. Wash.tGPOf1970, ir,468 p.
B 37-64 U-58
w^h Honduras-,.r’ ,arir_o oeiore the Subcomra of thZtrrn heEisPhere affairs oi the Com. on foreign affairs. GPofiggf-1^-6’1985- ff8sh->
/3p.	/U.S.Congr./
B 37-64
B37-64 U-58
U.S.Relations with Latin America Hearings before the subcomm, on wes tern hemisphere affairs of the comm, on foreign relations.U.S.Senate.94th congr.,1st sess. Wash.,GPO,1975.
IV,255 P.
~W-5862r UhitecL States relations with Panama.
Hearing before the subcomm.on inter-Ameri can affairs of the comm.on foreign affair 95 congr,,1st sess.Febr.20,1973. Wash., GPO,1973.
53 p.
B 37-6
United. States relations with the people’s Republic of China.Hearings before theJ-comm. on foreign relations.. .92 cong: 1st sess.	Wash.,SEO, 1972.
562 p.
B 37
U-58	United States renresentatives in
the China trade/Comp.by K.Berney.-Wash.:National Council for US-China Trade,1979.-21 p.
United States-Republic of China relations. Hearings before the subcomm, on Asi an and Pacific affairs of the comm, on foreign affirs,..92 congr.,1st sess. Wash.,GPO,1971.
84 p.
U-58 U.S.Response to Jamaica’s economic crisis. Wash.,GPO,1980.
iii,63 p. (BY TheComptroller General of the U.S. Report to the Hono rable Richard S.Schweiker).
/3 31-bi]
®t??o United States role in the United Ua-u“-?uJ tions system.Hearings before the subcomm| on international organizations and movements of.the comm, on foreign affairs... 92 congr.,1st sess. Wash.,GPO,1971• 85 p.
U-58	United. States-Romanian trade ag-
reement. Hearings before the subcomm, on trade of the comm, on ways and means.House of repres.94th congr.,lst sess. Wash.,GPO,1975«
IV, 237 P.
Z3 3 7-6 2;
/3 37- y; rur, r№J
В 37-601.5
U 58	The United States, Russia, and China. - London.: Praeger Security International, 2008 -215 p.
796 d	PA. 10
U-58 The U.S. - Saudi Arabian joint commission on economic cooperation. Wash.,The Comptroller General of the U.S.,1979.
iii,58 p. (The Comptroller General of the U.S. Report)
K 53
U-58 U.S. science and engineering education and manpower: background; supply and demand; and comparison with Japan, the Soviet Union, and West Germany.Report... for the subcomm. on science,research and technology transraitted to the Comm, on science and technology U.S. House of repres.98th congr.,lst sess. Wash.,GPO,1983•
XVII, 258
f~ 982
U-58 U.S.Science and technology for development: a contribution to the 1979 U.N.Conference. Wash..GIO, 1979.
xvii,212 p.
Cdfz-' 3 3^-é 2 6 3 7'^?^
H 57 The U.S.sea control mission:forces U 58 capabilities,and requirements.(June -1977). Wash., CBO, 1977.
85 p. (U.S.Congress.Background paper)•
U 57