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B 57-5 tf-58
U.S.GoTemment information policies and practices-administration and. operation of the freedom of information act. (Part 4).Hearings before a subcomm. of ti comm.on gor.operations...92 congr.,2a sefi flash.,GPO.1§72. 1005-1375 p.
TT co”2 U.S.Government information policies. v”2° and. practices-administaation and. operation of the freedom of information act.
Part 5-8.Hearings before a subcomm.of the comm.on government operations...92 congr. 2d sess. Wash.,GPO,1972.
Part 5-8»	p. 1375-33*12.
n rr U.S.Government information policies and practices-The Pentagon papers. P.1-3. Hearings before a subcomm, of the comm.on government operations...92 congr.,1st sess Wash.,GPO,19?1.
P.1-3.	1003 p.
’TT''Yp U.S.Government information policies u"‘-?b and. practices-public access to informatioj
from executive branch, advisory groups.P.9 Hearings before a subcomm.of the comm.on government operations...92 congr.,2d sess Wash.,GPO,1972.
US.Government information technolo®' services.Board.
Access America. - Wash., 1997. -97 p.
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U-58 U.S.Government involvement in commercial exports: program goals and budgetary costs. Wash.,GPO, 1977.
28 p. (The Congress of the U.S. Congressional Budget Office).
65? -bi',
U-58 United States government manual. 1974-75.Revised July 4., 197^ except ma_ terial for the executive office of the President which has been revised Septem ber 1, 1974. Wash.,GPO,1974.
XIII, 799 P* Name Index: pp.738--762; Subject index: pp. 765-799.
^25; £37'47 02 )
/33 7 'S X
United States government manual. 1975/1976.Revised May 1,1975» Wash., GPO.1975.
XIV, 851 p. Name index: pp.785--810; Subject index: pp.811-825; Agency index: pp.826-851»
A A25',	,
" £37-13^2/, £30 №)
$ 25
U-58 U.S.government manual.1976/77»
Rev.May 1,1976. Wash.,G.P.O.,1976.
XIV,871 p. Name index:pp.819-845;subject indexxpp.846-861;agency index:pp.862-871•
U-58 United States government manual.1977/78. Wash.,General Services Administration,1977«
vii,882 p. Name index:pp.855-860;subject indexspp.861-872;agency index spp.875-882.
$ 25
U-58	• U.S.Government manual.Supplement
to the 1977/78 United States Government manual. Wash.,GPO,1978.
VII, 156 p.
#2 S’,
U-58 United States Government Manual.
1978/79. Wash.,GPO,1978.
VII,902 p.	Indexes:pp.859-902.
Я 25
U-58 United States Government Manual. 1980-1981.	Wash.,GPO,1980.
959 p.	Indexes:pp.90-5-957.
ft 25
_ United States government manual 1981/82. Wash.,GPO,1981.
711,948 p.	Indexes:pp,895-945.
Л 25
The United States Government Manual 1982/83.	Wash.,GIO,1982.
VII, 912 p.	Index:Pp.857-912.